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The Bhabhathane Franschhoek Schools Transformation Project focuses on supporting very underprivileged schools in the Franschhoek area in South Africa. Remember and Give has provided sport equipment to 10 schools to help them implement physical education in their schools.   More about this in events


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Happy Feet Youth PRoject

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Happy Feet Youth Project is an NGO that works with the children of Langa to keep them off the streets through dance and education programs. They offer scholarships to their most promising students and provide healthy meals two times per week to more than 200 children which is all made possible by their donors.

Africa Foundation helps to empower
rural communities and is improving the lives and livelihoods of those most in need.  Africa foundation is also very involved in rhino conservation. With rhino poaching at an all-time high, and Rhino's on the brink of extinction, conservation of these animals is very important. 


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Projects we are supporting

​​​​​Remember and Give is a charity fund that has been built by a group of students from Laguna Beach. We also have students in South Africa who are part of our team and helping us to achieve our goal.  We are inspired to make a difference and our current focus is on raising funds for underprivileged Youth and Education projects and Black Rhino Conservation in South Africa.  


those in need