Remember and Give wanted to set up a soccer match with the kids from the Mnqobokazi community for a fun ross-cultural experience. There were four teams in all, a group of the younger players and the two older teams. In order to play the match, we had to get the approval of the chief of the village, which he granted us with. Simone Godfrey of Nkonka also helped us in arranging the super awesome match. We even had the privilege of having Gordon Gilbert (famous soccer player who previously played for Scotland) referee the two games! After the two games had finished we arranged lunch for all the players and for the community. The RAG kids had such a great time getting to know the other children from the community. Remember and Give is so excited about raising funds for this community because we really got a firsthand experience about where these funds were really going. By engaging in a friendly soccer match with the kids from the Mnqobokazi community it helped to connect all of the kids who are from opposite sides of the world. 

Remember and Give

Mnqobokazi Primary School