Lydia Campanelli

Lydia Campanelli is at Laguna Beach high school. I love going to the beach and going on early morning hikes with my friends and family. 

Kyle Shaw

Kyle Shaw is a high school student who is from Laguna Beach. He enjoys surfing and golfing.

Josh Rogers

Trey Lockhart

Jeremy Shutts

Eden Shonfeld

Eden Shonfeld lives by the beach in Laguna Beach, California, and enjoys playing basketball and spending time with her friends. 

Andrew Shutts

Andrew Shutts is likes to sponge, fish, spearfish, and do Jui Jitsu. He also likes photography.

Karmen Schmidt

Karmen Schmidt is at Laguna Beach High School. She loves soccer, volleyball, art, and volunteering at a local kids camp. She loves running Remember and Give club a at the high school and making an impact to projects in South Africa

Tyson Lockhart

Kennedy Roller

Kennedy Roller is at Laguna Beach High School.  She loves playing volleyball, golf, and hanging out with friends in her free time. 

Bryce Campanelli

Bryce Campanelli is from Laguna Beach, California. He enjoys playing volleyball and swimming at the beach.

Luke Rogers

Maija Shaw

Maija Shaw is at Laguna Beach High School.  She loves the beach, all sports, traveling, and spending time with her friends and family.

Remember and Give

Gaal Shonfeld

Gaal Shonfeld loves to surf and hangout at the beach with his friends. 

Piper Warner

Piper Warner is at Laguna Beach High School and enjoys running, skiing, going to the beach, and helping her community. 

Nina Schmidt

Nina Schmidt is at  Laguna Beach High School. She loves dancing, going to the beach with her friends and baking. She loves helping save the rhinos and working on outreach projects.

Jameson Roller

Jameson Roller is loves to travel, surf, and play golf. 

Siena Prowse

Siena loves animals, fun, and all things sporty. Siena can't wait to start raising money and is eager to start.

Teva Shonfeld

Teva Shonfeld lives in Laguna Beach. She enjoys going to the beach, swimming, and playing volleyball with her family and friends.

Gavin Campbell

Gavin Campbell is loves surfing and playing volleyball with his friends at the beach.

Catherine Prowse

Cat Prowse lives in the Franschhoek Valley in South Africa. She loves animals, swimming, drama, socializing and playing outside.

please help us to make a difference

Willie Rounaghi

Willie Rounaghi loves playing basketball and is also a big sports fan. He enjoys hanging out with his friends and wants to help make the world a better place for all.

Our Team

Christian Schenk

Christian Schenk is at Laguna Beach High School. . His interests are surfing, snowboarding, skating and skimming. Christian is very interested in conserving wildlife and can't wait to help the rhinos in South Africa. 

Nick Rogers

Nick Rogers is lives in Laguna Beach. In his spare time he plays soccer and loves skimming at Thalia beach. 

Tate Warner

Tate Warner is at Laguna Beach High School and enjoys surfing, golfing, and videography/editing. 

Joseph Schenk

Joseph Schenk is a 14 year old freshman at Laguna Beach High School. He studies hard and competes on the High School surf team. His interests are surfing, skating, snowboarding, and golf. Joseph is very excited for his trip to South Africa to learn and experience all he can. 

Zoe Campbell

Zoe Campbell is at Laguna Beach High School. She is also an equestrian.