Remember and Give members visiting the creche (daycare) and school before renovations. 

Mattresses and furniture delivered; Children in school; Example of what the daycare and school will look like when renovations are completed. 

Bheki Nkomo Creche (Daycare) and School Renovation Project

BhekiNkomo Creche (daycare) and school before and during renovations

Remember and Give

How we are helping

Remember and Give visited Bheki Nkomo Creche and is actively raising funds to renovate this school and daycare.  This facility is located in one of the 22 poorest places in South Africa.

Description of the Community

Bhekinkomo Creche is located in Mnqobokazi community, near to andBeyond Phinda Private Game Reserve, KwaZulu Natal. Mnqobokazi has a population of over 12,00 people and is amongst the 22 poorest areas in South Africa known as Presidential Poverty Nodes. These are areas that are in need of specific intervention and support in every possible way in order to alleviate poverty. Local employment opportunities are limited, as many as 30% of the primary breadwinners have moved to the cities in order to support their families. The population demographics are now dominated by children under 15 and the elderly. 

Project Overview

Bhekinkomo crèche was initially established in a classroom at Nkomo Full Service School. The school recognized the benefit that access to Early Childhood Development facilities have on children by the time they reach primary school. With limited crèche options in their catchment area, and women who were eager to run a crèche and to care for children, Mrs. Zikhali, principal of Nkomo School offered a classroom for the cause. The crèche began in 2011, with 15 children.
Enrolment quickly grew to 73 children and it was clear that the young children and infants could no longer be housed within the school. There was a nearby dilapidated building that the school purchased and donated to the crèche. They sought the assistance of Africa Foundation to refurbish the building and make it fit for purpose. Through the generosity of donors, the original building was completely restored, newly plastered, new floors, ceiling, windows. Additional donations also allowed for the purchase of some furniture and equipment.

An immense improvement though it was, the crèche is still not large enough to house the number of children enrolled, and the demand in the area for crèche places.
Through discussions with the crèche, school and wider community, it was agreed that the current building would be converted into the crèche kitchen and a new double classroom would be constructed. The two classroom option is preferred because it means that the babies can be separated from the toddlers, whose daily needs and activities are very different. We are raising funds to support Africa Foundation to build these classrooms and also to make the necessary amendments to the current crèche to convert it into a kitchen, including provision of cooking equipment.